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A Bar for St Paddy’s

Sometimes a project aligns just perfectly. And sometimes you’re rushing to the finish line. So long as you meet that deadline though who cares?

So here we are on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day having just finished our card-catalog bar. Or at least enough to use until we do some tweaking.

My very first visit to Bill’s grandmother’s home brought me face-to-face with this beautiful card catalog. She had saved it from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh when they converted to digital.

There’s even a mangled card still in the back of one of the drawers that I’ve intentionally left for posterity. And an old stamp too.

The trouble was, while she was fortunate to get two chunks of catalog, a top cap, and a middle pull-out writing surface, she didn’t get legs.

Bill’s Grandmother was using it as a night stand, which when flat on the floor it was pretty close to perfect height for. But that wasn’t what I had in mind when she gifted it to us. I saw legs in her future!

Bill made me this simple frame out of 2x2s and I sanded and spray painted them. In our frozen driveway over the course of a few nights this week. Like a crazy person. It was so cold and so messy, I didn’t even get the chance to document the process! But here she is now, standing tall. Bonus points for getting caught by and meeting our brand new neighbor wearing scrubby painting clothes, with spray paint on my face. #WompWomp

The legs are supposed to add a cool industrial look, mimicking metal legs. Though, if I am truly gong to achieve this look, It needs few more rounds of sanding and painting. But the drinking holiday is upon us! There’s no time to waste!

Just look at those legs! Annnd the power strip I couldn’t unplug. #reallife

Once the components were stacked it was time to add the booze!

I haven’t added labels yet, which makes this double for two holidays- the latter being an Easter-keg hunt 😉

en the drawers till you find your poison of choice. Whee!

Saint Patrick’s day card catalog barand we’re all ready for St Patrick’s Day!

there you have it! Hope e everyone has a safe and happy Saint Patrick's Day!

~ Beth

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  1. This is fabulous, Beth! It evokes such wonderful nostalgic vibes. And the booze in the drawers is a delightful surprise. I’m expecting some whimsical, literary labeling!

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