Hello!  We’re Beth and Bill.  We’re two newly-thirty-somethings who met and fell in love in DC, but now live in Pittsburgh, PA.  Though we still spend a good amount of time split between DC, Pittsburgh, Philly and OBX. We like getting our hands dirty with DIY projects together as we slowly turn our second apartment home in Pittsburgh into a space we both love.  Between those projects, we’ll be sharing adventures along the way as we build our life together.

Meet Beth

img_6700Beth is a creative soul who enjoys event planning and making things happen.  She’s an avid Philadelphia Flyers fan who isn’t afraid to show her Orange and Black on the streets of Pittsburgh. (I’m a GIRL who wears GLASSES.  They won’t hit me, right?)  She has a degree in Advertising from “that place that does the polling” and has a minor in digital design.

Top three things she loves (besides Bill): Ice cream, flowy scarves in fall, and gnocchi.

Her biggest DIY dilemma would be having too many project ideas running in her head at once and never enough time to do it all!

What impresses her about Bill is his skillful ability to drop every line from Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby.

Meet Bill

use slats of plexiglass glued to the back of floating letters to make them align properly and make them strongerBill likes working with his hands after imagining ideas that probably cannot be bought in stores.  He likes the outdoors, getting dirty, old-fashioned technology that still works, and sports.  Especially the Pittsburgh Penguins.  (I didn’t say this relationship was easy.)  He’s the good kind of geek with a few degrees including his PHD in Information Science from Pitt.

The three things he loves (besides Beth) are Corgi puppies, mac’n’cheese (with Sriracha), and road trips.

He finds it amazing that Beth’s DIY compulsion is as great as his.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Beth –
    Found you via Young House Love! I can’t wait to read more of your blog.
    Can you tell me the name of the script font you use in your blog header?
    I do graphic design for my company and I’d love to use this font in a brochure I’m designing.
    Cheers from Anne in Alaska

  2. Flyers > Penguins. I also bleed orange and black. It’s a source of pride. Thank God for Giroux. That first round series last year made my life.

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