Our House

Welcome to The B&B Abode

The day was December 28th, 2017. After construction errors and delays, we finally reached our move-in day. It was negative 6 degrees outside as we began packing the UHaul at our apartment in Pittsburgh. The sun was shining, and nothing was stopping us from moving into our first home. Meet the green gem, the B&B Abode...

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A Bar for St Paddy’s

Sometimes a project aligns just perfectly. And sometimes you're rushing to the finish line. So long as you meet that deadline though who cares? So here we are on the eve of St. Patrick's Day having just finished our card-catalog bar. Or at least enough to use until we do some tweaking. My very first… Continue reading A Bar for St Paddy’s

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We’re Building A House!

Yes, that's right!  No beating around the bush - we're jumping into the world of home ownership - with a brand-spankin' new house! We're super excited, and a lot terrified of this serious step into adulting, but after working through graduate school and finally settling into professional life, we're ready for this GIANT LEAP. Why… Continue reading We’re Building A House!