Moving Slow

For real – our move in is on a snails pace. While we are living here and have for a whole month as of tomorrow, we’re nowhere near ‘pretty’.

Exhibit A – our refrigerator.

This white beauty is NOT what we ordered, but due to some sort of snafu with whirlpool, ours was backordered. And when they brought this one they didn’t turn it on and we didn’t realize it for a day. Hellooo warm beer. *sad trombone sound here*

There have been some trials and tribulations with the process and quality control of the home building process that still plague us but we’ll be outlining those troubles in a separate post. But it’s held things up even after closing.

Also Ikea delivery is a nightmare so our living room is still couch-less.

But the couch from our apartment is tucked away as a loveseat in our loft so we have that at least.

And finally this weekend our fridge showed up!!

Just look at that shiny full-sized beauty!

So we’re hoping the fridge’s arrival acts as a catapult to get things moving.

What’s keeping your plans from moving forward?