Ikea Kivik couch with gray and teal accents
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A Corgi Approved Couch & Our Apartment Tour

Before you get excited, NO, we have not adopted a Corgi.  YET.  And YES, we are those millennials who finally decided to buy a house to get a dog.

BUT that doesn’t mean that we haven’t started to plan.  And while learning that Buying a couch sucks, we also learned that sometimes you get endorsements from the strangest of places.  Like a Corgi butt.

This little guy appeared on Reddit (in a post I cannot find anymore – If this is your pupper lmk!) on r/corgis at the same time that Bill and I had been studying couches.  That back cushion this sweet pupper is snoozing on looked familiar.  A quick comment and response from the owner confirmed – this was the IKEA Kivik couch.  Several other Corgi owners later commented that their own pups liked the couch too because of the wide, Corgi-sized arms of the couch.  This tipped the scales in favor of the Kivik and we bought the couch that very weekend.

Sadly they were out of one cover for the couch and we were left with boxes for a week or so.  And So this happened.

Yes, a (lame excuse for) a Corgi was doodled .  Bill was pleased.  Brownie points achieved.

So here’s our Kivik in all it’s glory hanging in our second apartment’s living room.
We find the cushions hold up really well and the memory foam in them is very comfortable.  We did scotch guard the couch but even without that protection on some parts, it hasn’t been troublesome with dirt.

Ikea Kivik couch with gray and teal accents

The dreaded chaise cushion run is annoying – it squishes down off the edge of the chaise over time and requires frequent adjustment.  It’s basically the one universal complaint you’ll find in reviews.  To combat this, we used cushion stay* – basically a grippy layer that increases the friction and slows the slip.  It does still need to be adjusted, but not nearly as often.

And while we’re showing off the couch we bought, let’s finally get into that ‘New Apartment’ tour we’re a year late on (oops)…


QUICK!  SPOT THE TWO CORGIS IN THE ABOVE PHOTO!  ….ok, again, we don’t yet have a real Corgi pup, but we have been gifted things – including this really nifty corgi book print that looks like such a gentleman (He’s framed ontop of the bookshelf*, top left).  And if you squint at the white ampersand on the top shelf, 1 cube from the right you will also see a tiny Corg face peeking out.  He’s part of a card-stock calendar that’s minimalistic and adorable.



Here’s another view of what’s behind the couch — that ‘OBX’ bench is actually the hand-stitched top of a hope chest my parents restored and finished for Bill & I as a wedding gift.  We usually have it placed flush against the back of the couch – like a console table – which gives us a good 2+ feet of clearance to get into the baskets in our giant bookshelf.  And on the wall above is our Ribbon backdrop shadowbox frame with a favorite photo from our wedding day.  The ribbons are leftovers from the curtain we made for our wedding!


While this photo isn’t the most exciting there is, it does show you that the entry table we used in our old apartment still lives, this time beneath the vintage mirror I inherited from a family member.  (There are also two more corgis chilling on the table.  We might have a problem.) What’s reflecting IN the mirror is pretty cool stuff.  Let’s spin around to see what’s reflecting:


Yes, that’s our giant floral Ampersand from our wedding day hanging above our kitchen table.  It survived the trip back to Pittsburgh well (In a recycled flat screen TV box) and serves as a lovely reminder of our big day.  Now if we just step back and look to the left…


Ah, there it is.  Our desk!  This was the ‘upgraded’ desk we changed to from a model from the 90’s.  (Yes, the old desk had a handy PC tower cabinet that was useless…).  While this desk is more streamlined and visually appealing, we’ve learned something about how we sit at a desk.  Bill and I both will shift a bit as we work, and having a drawer living between your lap and the work surface limits the fidget space you have, making it a less comfortable desk than we expected.


So this desk may make the move with us to our house, or it may not.  We may sell it to the new renter of our apartment, or try it on Craigslist?  OR maybe totally reinvent it for the new house.  We could spraypaint the legs black or ORB and then either build a new top or create a faux wood top and drawer fronts.  Now we’re thinking!


To the left of the desk as we continue to spin around our apartment is a bright set of windows – you’ve previously caught glimpses of this view in an earlier post, and the windows/door lead to our spacious balcony.


While the kitchen is an improvement from our previous apartment in that it’s larger and has cabinets and appliances on BOTH walls plus a magical dishwasher… it isn’t pretty.  But it works and that’s fine for now.  (But it’s not worth breaking your computer screens with it’s fugliness)

So there’s our wayyyy-past-due new apartment tour.  Now who wants to come over and help us pack and move to our new house?!?

~ Beth


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