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10 Photos: Our Magical Time in Hallstatt

We mentioned before that we were channeling guest house charm with Our cheery Geranium flower boxes ahead of our big trip to Germany & Austria.  We’d share a full recap of the trip, but our Shutterfly photo albums is two full books long, SOOO instead we’re gonna break it down to top tens of a few highlights instead.  Here are 10 favorite moments as captured by Beth’s iPhone in Hallstatt, Austria.

1. Boating on Lake Hallstatt.
We spent 2 nights in this teeny tiny vertical village on the edge of an Alpine lake.  Despite it being COMPLETELY COVERED in tourists during the day, this literally-ancient place was so dreamy.  We kept pinching ourselves because it was so very fairytale like.

2. View from the boat

The boats you can hire are all electric and have 2 speeds: slow, or stop.  Perfect for a serene afternoon on the water!

3. Reflecting on the scene

One of the many guest houses along the lake.  This one was just so inviting and I seriously considered moving in.  So quaint!

4. A quiet moment together
5. Dining lakeside

We could share photos of the food we ate but just know it was DELICIOUS.

6. Wheels and Windows

As evening sets in, the bus loads of tourists empty out and the streets become quiet letting you bike and hike with ease.

7. Bill Poses with Things

This was a theme on the trip.  Here he’s cheesing with the Salt Mine guy before we took the furnicular up the mountain for our day in the mine.  Salty!

8. View from the Church

9. The Cemetary
The grave sites are lovingly cared for and due to short space, periodically and as grave leases are up, bones are moved to the crypt…

10.  The Charnel House

The skulls on the Bibles are past pastors of the church.

If you are considering a trip abroad, this tiny gem in the mountains is worth a stop over!  Take the train in from Salzburg, stay the night to enjoy the city without the crowds, and stroll through a real fairytale land!

~ Beth