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FEED THE WALLS ~ Or, Finally Hanging Stuff

Yes, that’s right — we’ve achieved a goal!  We hung things on the wall!

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Ok, technically, these were hung before thanksgiving.  …..yes, we’re that behind in blogland.  Oops!  The frame on the right is a framed print we got when touring the Yuengling Brewery a few summers ago.  It’s lived in a tube since then, until this black frame went on clearance at Target for about $5.

antique mirror thrifting score at

This mirror is my favorite of the two.  When Bill and I were moving the last of my things out of DC, this mirror was there, technically hung in another room but not really being used.  I was allowed to take it and knew exactly where it would live, right above our dining table.  It adds a really classy vibe to the corner.  You’ll have to take my word for it for now though until we can get a good sunny day to show it off right.

So, there ya have it, one goal crossed off!

~ Beth

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