Beautiful curvy console table
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Weekend SCORE – A curvy beauty!

While visiting my parents this weekend to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, I did a little ‘shopping’ through some old family furniture stashed in the basement.  And somehow I found this gem!

Beautiful curvy console table
Aint she a beaut!

We have this spot in the Pittsburgh apartment next to the kitchen doorway where the intercom is, and its the perfect place for a small table like this to create a little spot for me to drop my purse (instead of the dining table) and maybe have a frame or misc key dish on.

I can’t wait to tackle this!  I’m leaning towards a fun color (I plan to make some DIY ;pop art for the wall with a funky gilded frame to make art out of the ugly intercom) and maybe trying my hand at some rub’n’buff too.  Ohhh the possibilities!

So what do you think?  And what should we do with it?  Stain it?  Paint it?

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