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Z Gallerie Inspired Picture Frame

Chevron Frame inspired by Z Gallerie from BAndBBuildALife

Ok, I’ll admit it, I may be a bit obsessed with Chevron print.  And I’ve been dying to bring it off my Pinterest boards and into my life.  But it’s so bold and wonderful I decided to start small by dressing up my drab gray cubicle at work with a picture frame.

I originally fell in love with a beautiful chevron frame at Z Gallerie, but thought I could certainly make something similar myself.  And when I stumbled upon a blank wide frame at Michael’s, I knew I had to try it!

I had a scrapbook boarder that was already in a handy chevron pattern, so I used that as a template.  I first lined it up along the top edge of my frame, and then traced down the length of it using a white chalk pencil.  (If you are planning to paint it darker colors, go ahead and use a regular pencil.  I was trying to avoid having my lines show through the paint.)

Line up the template along the top edge

I continued to trace my template until the entire frame was covered in the chevron pattern.  *Pro Tip* I marked every other line to make it easier to identify the alternating lines for painting in my next step.

Forgive me as I neglected to take photos while I was painting.  I used a teal and white base, and then went back over the white lines using a pearly finished paint to add an additional depth/texture to the frame.

To give you an idea of the texture that my rough painting left, take a look below:

note the pearly look of the white chevron stripe vs the texture of the teal stripe

Finally, I actually managed to sneak my frame into a local Z Gallerie store to give a direct comparison.  Theirs is surely more precise, but it is also a bit more green than I’d like.  For a quick project meant to brighten my drab cubicle for under $5, I’d say it was a success!

Side-be-side comparison

Huzzah iPhone photos! 😉  Have you made anything lately because of something you saw in a store?

~ Beth



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