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Summer Lounging

Ok, so all the blogosphere is sharing their beautiful patios and outdoor living rooms with their awesome DIY tables and other furniture (check out Michelle’s table that she got her husband Nate to build, awesome!  Or this sad cast-off table that Greg and Ashley rescued from the curb-side and finished!)

These projects first make me feel like this:

But then I remember that Bill & I do not have a deck or patio, or even a balcony in our little Pittsburgh apartment.  And then I feel like this:

All of the awesome. I cannot haz.

I mean, who doesn’t love Grumpy Cat?

SO, our summer lounging will not be spent on a fabulous veranda with fantastically coordinated poufs and lighting.  BUT I did make a point of changing things up juuust a tad in the living room to make things pop a bit more in honor of the sticky humid months of summer.

summer geometric pillows chevron greek key @

Of course my favorite pattern, the chevron still prevails.  And I’ve kept the Greek key pillow that first made its debut when I added some stripes to a different pillow in honor of spring.

summer geometric pillows chevron greek key @ summer geometric pillows chevron greek key @

But to mix things up, I also included a fun geometric pillow from Ikea that ties together with the teal of the chevron.  Bill actually really liked this one in part because it reminded him of our ceramic friends Wallie the squirrel and Freddy Fox. (The facets of the figures are similar to the pattern of the pillow.

And then to break up the angles of the chevron, greek key and facets I went with this fun swirly patterned pillow in black and white.

summer geometric pillows chevron greek key @

They add a nice punch of color in the living-room, which just make things a bit cheerier.  Like summer should be.

summer geometric pillows chevron greek key @

Of course, I also added the red B’s you see on the photo ledges.  They were in a clearance bin in Micheal’s for a dollar each.  SCORE.  I left them red for now…. but am strongly considering changing them to teal.  Like our chevron curtains and pillows, or the chevron picture frame I made, or my favorite chevron candle.  Nope, not predictable at all! 😉

So what sprucing have you done for summer?


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  1. Teal! You should definitely paint them teal! 😉 I love the new pillows, especially the little splash of yellow and green in the crazy geometric one.

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