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Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 1

FINALLY after a few days of patient waiting time, my laptop seems to be back to it’s old self… save for an extremely sticky keyboard… did I mention that it was Vitamin Water? Opps… But here ya go, a much delayed recap of Christmas – materialism style.

This Christmas was technically our 3rd, but it was the first that we actually spent together, and as a result the holiday took on a bit of a theme… you’ll see what I mean.

As an all-too-appropriate gift, my parents gave Bill & I these beauties from Anthro!

B&B Anthro Mugs @ BandBBuildALife.com

The first thing my Mom said to me after I opened them was, ‘How will you tell them apart?’  So, a beautiful gift, turned handy project for later – personalizing the Anthro B’s! Stay tuned for that.

DSCN8225_webThis box comes to you liiiive from my Aunt.  What is it, you say? Let’s take a better look…

DIY coaster materials @ BandBBuildALife.comShe also included a beautiful assortment of scrapbook paper too.  They’re materials to make coaster sets!  All the Mod Podge a girl could ever need, tiles, etc to be able to make a set for us and even a set to share.  Conveniently,  the project happens to be #168 in YHL’s Book too.

what the stuffing? @ BandBBuildALife.ComThen there was this.  What is this you ask?   That was exactly what my Dad asked as he seemed to think they were a bit bizarre too.  But if we open up the bag…

what the stuffing? @ BandBBuildALife.Com…we find these!  Which, when stuck together…

what the stuffing? @ BandBBuildALife.Comwhat the stuffing? @ BandBBuildALife.Com…are adorable crocheted cacti!  I snuck a pattern for these guys onto my Amazon wish list and my Mom whipped them up for me.  HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THEY?!  After I took these photos and was cleaning up, I set them up on my mantle and they just look so darn cute there.  (Camera battery was dead tho, boo.)  Best part about them?  They can’t be killed.  So Bill’s brown thumb can’t hurt these.


Though I will say, this one kinda looks like the Philly Phanatic.  🙂

Of course there was some shiny received as well.  In keeping with the theme, my Mom hunted all over to find an Ampersand charm and matching B’s for me.  And the beautiful pearls were from Bill.  He picked it out without any suggestions from me!  They match the pearl drop earrings he got me for our first anniversary, and the starfish necklace he gave me for our second.  So pretty!

Wallie & Freddy @ BandBBuildALife.comBut these guys, the friends I let leak earlier this week! THESE GUYS!    The squirrel on the left was on my list, and my dear Bill hunted for him down the aisles of Target but that red and white forest was without squirrels.  So instead he brought me home a cute bunny.

As luck would have it though, on a trip to Target after Christmas, we found -nay, we LUNGED FOR AND CLUNG TO the LAST squirrel in the store!  (one we don’t typically frequent near my Parents’ house.)  And by then he was 50% off.   And THEN we even found his friend the fox.  so now we have Wallie the squirrel and Freddy Fox.  The Bunny went back to the Target forest and these guys will eventually make their home on my expedit shelf.

So, besides our new geometric forest friends, it was a very B&B DIY Christmas for sure!

We’ll be back with Bill’s side of his DIY haul tomorrow!

~ Beth

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