Collingswood Theater Becomes Workshop Dreams are Made Of

Psst!  I am still waiting to see if my computer dries out and, well, starts ever again. 😦  In the meantime, project sharing will be light, but I’ll try and have some iphone edited content up later this week.  Stay tuned!

I’m not usually one to read from the Patch network of local blogs because I find there is a higher concentration of trolls than even Reddit contains, with the added disadvantage being that those trolls don’t typically grasp the full concept of the internet.  Yes, I’m talking about retired Baby Boomers with spare time on their hands and unending supplies of opinions.  BUT with the help of a Facebook share from a friend, I found this article about area resident Tom Marchetty putting together a fantastic space in the old Collingswood Historic theater.  He’s called it The Factory.

The Factory will be place for people to make their own furniture (using industrial-grade equipment), throw a pot in the ceramics studio, jam with their band and craft jewelry and metal designs.

If you can create it, it has a place at The Factory.

Tom Marchetty is a machinist by trade, and when the economy began to falter, many of his clients lost their businesses, and couldn’t hang on to their heavy equipment anymore.  Not wanting the tools to go to waste, he hung on to them until his wife was tired of losing her garage space (a story I’m pretty sure a few of you can relate to!).

So now, in the historic Collingswood Theater, you can rent out studio space to work on whatever projects your heart desires, take advantage of the full array of heavy woodworking machinery, and even get to know other like-minded crafters too.  They’ve also preserved the original stage area to use as a revolving gallery.

So if you are local to South Jersey, check it out!