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The Tiers of Gifting ~ Or, a DIY Tiered Platter

When gifting things, we all make priorities.  We don't cop to it, but it happens.  That cousin that's the weird mouth breather that always gets you something so you have to give them something too?  Yup, they're bottom tier. Well these tiers are not about prioritizing what sort of gifting you'll do.  They ARE the… Continue reading The Tiers of Gifting ~ Or, a DIY Tiered Platter

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The Gift of Dates

No, not the fruit!  When revealing Bill's favorite gifts, you got a sneak peak at one special gift I made for Bill - a Date night Jar. I came across a few of them on Pinterest and was particularly inspired by one I saw on Revamp Homegoods. My parents are big on canning - specifically… Continue reading The Gift of Dates

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Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 2

Before heading east for the holiday, we had a mini-Christmas with Bill's family at his Mom's house. There was some SERIOUSLY tasty pizza (i know pizza sounds un-festive for a family holiday celebration, but you haven't had this pizza - I mean, DELICIOUS stuff! Just sad they're too far from the apartment to deliver!) and… Continue reading Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 2

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Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 1

FINALLY after a few days of patient waiting time, my laptop seems to be back to it's old self... save for an extremely sticky keyboard... did I mention that it was Vitamin Water? Opps... But here ya go, a much delayed recap of Christmas - materialism style. This Christmas was technically our 3rd, but it… Continue reading Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 1


Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot

Things have been a little quiet here and that's mostly due to spending every last minute we could with family before heading down from Philly to DC for New Years. We'll be cleaning and organizing before packing it back up for New Years Eve festivities, so things will be light here until after 2013 begins.… Continue reading Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot

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A Little Woodworking JOY

While on one of her near-daily trips to Target, Beth sent me this: Oh boy.  Here goes. So this project seemed to require a thicker block of wood than anything I had laying around.  A fortuitous trip to the ReStore allowed me to pick up a ~4 foot long piece of hardwood of some sort. … Continue reading A Little Woodworking JOY


Christmas DIY Inspiriation

In case you're still dragging your feet on decorating or need some last-minute DIY inspiration, I thought I'd share 2 of my favorite round-ups for you (that we've been featured on!!)  As always, take a look at the projects and remember, when pinning your favorites, pin from the original blogs! 🙂 First up, the lovely… Continue reading Christmas DIY Inspiriation

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Rudolph Candy Cane Treats – Finished!

When I gave the quick tutorial on an old Girl Scouts craft I used to do, I had only made the treat, but hadn't addressed them.  In the holiday rush, I had nearly forgot to tag them and leave them in our neighbor's mailboxes! To make the tags, I actually used the handy printable tags… Continue reading Rudolph Candy Cane Treats – Finished!

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Seaside Christmas in Pittsburgh ~ Part Deux

As promised, here is your view of the other side of our living room, all decked out for Christmas. There's a slight seaside vibe with the use of a few starfish and seashells tucked in with the frames. And the cute little trees distributed throughout are all ReStore finds. Of course we had to use… Continue reading Seaside Christmas in Pittsburgh ~ Part Deux

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Seaside Christmas in Pittsburgh

I'm not shy about it.  Pittsburgh is a lovely place, but it's WAYYYYY too far from the ocean for my tastes.  This whole notion that a lake beach is just as good is nonsense.  And one of the biggest things that gets me homesick is the simple fact that I cannot on a whim get… Continue reading Seaside Christmas in Pittsburgh


Minimalist Greeting Card Display

So we've got a small collection of Christmas cards stacking up....but sitting in a pile isn't very festive.  We thought about putting them on our intercom pin board, but decided we had too many to really nicely display there. Then I found a red ribbon, already nicely cut and leftover from a gift I wrapped… Continue reading Minimalist Greeting Card Display


Some Funny Christmas Findings

The internet.  You gotta love it.  Sometimes.  Like, for instance, when things like this are created. That front door is having a really bad day. But I really love how they used yellow Christmas bulbs for the eyes - funny and clever. And as one Redditor said, "Brilliant. Now you can leave the same wreath… Continue reading Some Funny Christmas Findings

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Jack Frost Swap ~ Inexpensive Art

So the trend seems to be to take your favorite Christmas carol and use your favorite lyrics in some mantle artwork.  Most of these have been in the form of chalkboard art.  I decided to take a different direction to create an inexpensive piece of artwork to replace the somewhat creepy artwork that I had… Continue reading Jack Frost Swap ~ Inexpensive Art

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Trees Made From Paper Made From Trees

I haven't yet revealed all of the decorating that has gone down around here (you know, always a work in progress...) but thought I'd share a quick little project in the meantime. I first saw these magazine trees on Our Life In A Click and thought they were too cute (and easy) to pass up!… Continue reading Trees Made From Paper Made From Trees