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Jack Frost Swap ~ Inexpensive Art

So the trend seems to be to take your favorite Christmas carol and use your favorite lyrics in some mantle artwork.  Most of these have been in the form of chalkboard art.  I decided to take a different direction to create an inexpensive piece of artwork to replace the somewhat creepy artwork that I had above my mantle.

If you read about my Merry Milk Glass Mantle, you may have noticed the large artwork on the wall above/behind the tree.  There’s a shadow of a man on an old, sun-bleached building.  The man is my Dad, and the building is the old ferry house to the left after you cross Bonner Bridge in OBX, and it looks great when matched with other photos from the set that I removed earlier to accommodate the tree…. but it isn’t very festive.

2012 Christmas Milk Glass Mantle
See that shadowy figure, just looming there above the tree? It’s weird. I know.

Well I decided to take my favorite Christmas song, conveniently named ‘The Christmas Song’ and use that as inspiration for this playful canvas.

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose Christmas Carol art @

I originally wanted to do the last full stanza, but just couldn’t get it all to fit neatly on the canvas… and then while brainstorming and watching tv that old Campbell’s Soup commercial came on where the snowman comes in and eats some chicken noodle, melts and there’s a cute boy smiling there instead.  BOOM inspiration.  Carrot nose.  Snowman. NOSE.  And that’s where I came up with the idea.

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose Christmas Carol art @

I’m still not sure if I want to give the snowman a hat.  But it’s nearly 1am and I need sleep.  So, no hat this year, Frosty.  Maybe I’ll update it next year.

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose Christmas Carol art @

Yes, it’s all hand painted.  I used a glass coffee table and a flashlight to cast the wording through the canvas and traced the words so I wasn’t uneven with things, but the snowman was free-handed.  And I nearly went cross-eyed trying to fill in those letters!

So there’s my first installment of Christmas art.  I plan to do another for the Pitt apartment… some time next week?  Stay tuned!

~ Beth

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