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Homemade Nutter Butters

Tis the season of cookie baking.  Typically my Mom holds off though until after my birthday to at least try to prevent the inevitable holiday rush from washing over the date of my initial existence.  Then I went away to college…. and coming home for winter break to Mom’s famous chocolate chip cookies was a welcomed treat.

And though I enjoy making the family favorites with her, when baking on my own I find myself wanting to find new recipes to try.  I guess you could say I’m trying to determine my baking identity.  Well, enter these guys:

homemade nutter butter cookies @ BandBBuildALife.comExcusing the iPhone/instagram quality for a moment, and just imagine how delicious these Homemade Nutter Butter cookies (Via Remodelaholic) must taste!  With oats in the dough to add texture and crispyness, and the creamy sweet filling, these cookies are most certainly crowd pleasers!

Be prepared though – what I didn’t realize until after I started them was that the directions called for a mixer – you know, one of those fancy Kitchenaid type mixers.  I figured, naahhh, I’ve creamed hundreds of bowls of cookie dough in my lifetime, I can handle this.  Then I realized there’s a full pound of butter, then the peanut butter, then the flour, then the oats!  It was quite the work out, but I suppose getting a workout while making cookies isn’t a bad thing!

homemade nutter butter cookies @ BandBBuildALife.com

If you aren’t stocked enough to have a mini-cookie scoop (I didn’t even know such a thing existed!) then eyeball about half a standard teaspoon when dropping the dough.  You may also want to do a test pan-full to see how they bake up.  It took me adding a tad more flour/oats and adjusting the scoop size to get the right size, thickness and crispyness for the sandwiches.

homemade nutter butter cookies @ BandBBuildALife.com

Once you add the filling and twist them together, you get these crispy, slightly soft, creamy cookies that are to die for!

homemade nutter butter cookies @ BandBBuildALife.com

I can’t say my baking identity is solely Nutter Butters, but they are definitely helping me get closer to finding out what it is!  Be sure to stop by Remodelaholic to get the full recipie and try them out for yourself!

What have you been baking up for the holidays?

~ Beth


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