Some Funny Christmas Findings

The internet.  You gotta love it.  Sometimes.  Like, for instance, when things like this are created.

Source: Reddit

That front door is having a really bad day. But I really love how they used yellow Christmas bulbs for the eyes – funny and clever. And as one Redditor said, “Brilliant. Now you can leave the same wreath up from mid Oct to early Jan.”

Then we have those college days. Seriously, do yourself a favor and just Google image search ‘college Christmas tree’. There are some real jems there to give you a laugh, especially if all your decorating has left you stressed out instead of jolly. This one happens to be my favorite:

I appreciate the minimalistic nature….and fresh scent? !? But you gotta give ’em credit for trying…right?

I think the Cheesburger network put it best with this one.  If the internet had a tree, it would look like this:

I mean, that has to be the best tree topper there is.  And Angry Birds?  Garfield?  My Little Pony?  I’m sure if you look close there has to be a Nyan Cat in there too.

And one more tree for good measure.  Let’s see if you get this punny tree:

Source: Reddit

…….do you get it?  Christopher Walken?  ….’Walken Around The Christmas Tree’.  Yup, way to go, Internet.

So as you’re out there working on your beautiful blog-worthy spaces for the holidays, remember that it’s OK to keep it real. And/Or funny.  As long as it makes you happy.

I’ll be headed to Pittsburgh this evening for a weekend full of ReStore searching, crafting and decorating, so be sure to follow on twitter @bandbbuildalife for live updates and stop back Monday to see what we’ve been up to!

~ Beth