Minimalist Greeting Card Display

So we’ve got a small collection of Christmas cards stacking up….but sitting in a pile isn’t very festive.  We thought about putting them on our intercom pin board, but decided we had too many to really nicely display there.

Then I found a red ribbon, already nicely cut and leftover from a gift I wrapped for Bill last year.  And oh yeah, red and green push pins.  And a laser level.

greeting card hanger @

I applied the level to the wall at the height I wanted and then used the push pins to secure the pretty red ribbon to the wall.  Then it was a matter of hanging the cards up!

greeting card hanger @

The easy folded cards are just set over the ribbon, but the photo cards were simply clipped on with paper clips that were out (they make cheap ornament hooks in a pinch too!  You’ll see tomorrow…).

greeting card hanger @

We’ll be sharing the full rundown of our Pittsburgh apartment decor with you all on Wednesday, so come back and take a look!