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Resolutions New and Old ~ 2014

So last year we shared a recap of some things we wanted to make happen around here.  Some of those things happened.... annnnd some of those didn't.  Here's a quick recap. Feed Our Walls -- that is, actually hang some art on our mostly naked walls! Continue to make the Tiny Kitchen in Pittsburgh more… Continue reading Resolutions New and Old ~ 2014

2013 Goals - Hang more Art! @ BandBBuildALife.com
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2013 Goals

Earlier this week we reviewed the things we've accomplished in our short time in Blogland in 2012.  Today we'll be discussing the f u t u r e. Personally, I look forward to the efficiency that YouTwitFace would bring us.  But alas, we're not quite that far into the future yet.  So let's tell you… Continue reading 2013 Goals

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2012 In Review

Whelp, we haven't been at this blogging business for very long.  But here's a quick rundown of the top events since Finding Our Voice in this little corner of the web this past August. September was a busy month where we flexed our carpentry skills and shared a few of our most popular posts.  We… Continue reading 2012 In Review


Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot

Things have been a little quiet here and that's mostly due to spending every last minute we could with family before heading down from Philly to DC for New Years. We'll be cleaning and organizing before packing it back up for New Years Eve festivities, so things will be light here until after 2013 begins.… Continue reading Should Old Acquaintance be Forgot