2013 Goals - Hang more Art! @ BandBBuildALife.com
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2013 Goals

Earlier this week we reviewed the things we’ve accomplished in our short time in Blogland in 2012.  Today we’ll be discussing the f u t u r e.

Personally, I look forward to the efficiency that YouTwitFace would bring us.  But alas, we’re not quite that far into the future yet.  So let’s tell you about what we want for the less-distant future.

#1 – In the year 3000 2013 we would like to feed our walls.

2013 Goals - Hang more Art! @ BandBBuildALife.com

This past fall we shared with you the tale of hanging photo ledges in the living room.  And the conversations leading up to that decision took MONTHS.  Now, neither of us are fans of absolutely-covering-every-nook-and-cranny-with-pictures-and-shelves-and-nick-nacks.  Just by writing it with hyphens you should be able to tell that we feel a bit closed in and choked if things are toooo filled in.  But right now, like the photo above shows, the bedroom essentially has 4 bare walls.  Our dining nook is a bit boring looking too, and it would be nice to make the kitchen walls look more festive and less cluttered-utilitarian.  (A challenge of challenges.  But we’ll get to that…)  So in 2013, let’s put some more character on the walls instead of just making all this inexpensive art with nowhere to go!

#2 – Continue to make the tiny kitchen in Bill’s apartment in Pittsburgh more storage and functionally efficient.

Our Tiny Kitchen @ BandBBuildALife.com

We’ve already added an open shelf and cabinet door spice storage.  We also hung hooks for the pots and pans (we never shared that one…but I’m sure we’ll show you later this year.) but it would be great to gain some more movable work surface.  And though it won’t really do much for function, I’d like to paint that fuse box too.

#3 – Create a better desk – ideally one that we could both be seated under at the same time.

From Ikea Hackers [Here]
The desk that currently lives at the foot of the bed is Bill’s from his old apartment, and though it serves a purpose, it really isn’t very efficient, or pretty.  (It is so un-pretty we don’t have a photo to share right now!)  It’s one of those particle-board-covered-in-contact-paper-that-looks-like-wood type desks from a big box store.  It was designed in the days when most people used a full desk-top computer with a tower cabinet and everything, and we simply don’t need that.  Ideally something streamlined, like the one above, would be preferred.  (We’d want to build it with awesome cord wrangling details too!)  With perhaps a wall-mounted cabinet/open shelving situation for storage.  Though if we decide to build completely from scratch, I’d like to stretch these plans from Anna White below a tad wider for the space we have.

From Anna White [Here]

#4 – Create a more functional entryway out of thin air.

2013 Goals - Create an Entryway @ BandBBuildALife.com

When you enter the apartment in Pittsburgh, there is a space large enough for the door to open fully, with an additional few feet in-front before you reach the arm of the couch.  If you take a look where the arrow is pointing above, that white thing blurred in the corner is a shoe-rack Bill made out of a few 2x4s and nails he had laying around.  It serves its purpose enough, but isn’t really all that pretty.  And the hooks we currently have on the wall are minimal.  Ideally We’d like to create a sort of coat closet in the open.  Like one of those wall shelves with the matching storage bench, only without the bench.

2013 Goals - Create an Entryway @ BandBBuildALife.com

We like Ikea’s Grevbak piece (above), but the tone of the wood is fugly and to be honest, it feels a bit flimsy, so we intend to make our own piece using theirs as inspiration.

#5 – Build Our Lives IN THE SAME STATE.


This one is a tad tricky.  Since August of 2011, we have lived in separate states – Bill in Pittsburgh, where most of our projects are done, and I back in the DC area.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have the flexibility of telecommuting from Pittsburgh periodically for work so we have more than a weekends-only long distance relationship, but the drive alone is reason enough to want to consolidate.  Plus, with two people in the apartment full time, there’s even MORE project potential.  Refinishing my dresser to match the two-toned look we’ve created, re-arranging the living room, adding my awesome expedit bookshelf, BUYING A BIGGER TV…  And I guess it would be nice to have more snuggle time with my honey too. 🙂

But all of the domino effect projects and fun can only happen if I can secure a job in Pittsburgh.  Ideally with a company and a job that inspire me and challenge me, and allow me to use my love of hand-written check lists and crazy-organized Google calendars as well as my constant flow of creative ideas to make things more efficient and better for everyone in the office or on the project at hand.  So Pittsburgh, take note!  I’m coming for ya, so please hire me!

~ Beth

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  1. Yay! Those are some great goals for 2013, I must say. 🙂 It was great to see you guys on New Year’s, even though I was feeling like death. lol

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