Moving to Pittsburgh! @
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Guess What?!

Do you know what this box means?

Moving to Pittsburgh! @

Yes!  You are correct!  We DO have fantastic packing tape that just so happens to have my favorite letter on it!  (Thanks, Mom!)

But what else does it mean?




Moving to Pittsburgh! @

Yup!  Bill & I have done a lot of talking and planning, and of course it’s been mentioned before during our 2012 recap and goals, and we’ve decided it’s time I join Bill in Pittsburgh full-time!

It’s actually been official since the first of July, but with the holiday and our vacation plans the physical act of moving wasn’t as immediate.  I’m taking this big leap to Pittsburgh without the safety net of a new job, so the coming weeks (hopefully not months!) will be filled with cover letter writing and interviews.


For the time being, our projects budget is on hold while I’ll be searching for a job.  That means things may be a bit slower around here for now.  My goal is to keep things going full steam if we can, but of course we need to keep some food on the table too so picking up some new frames or IKEA furniture isn’t top priority right now.

We’ll keep you posted and are so excited to be officially starting this new chapter in our lives together!

Have any pointers for a young couple just moving in together?  How about job search pointers or leads in Pittsburgh?  We’d love to hear from you!

~ Beth

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