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Moving & Packing Ideas

As we unveiled earlier this week, I am officially moving to Pittsburgh with Bill.  (Before we were a long distance deal.  But no more!) In all the insanity that comes with putting your life into boxes, I came up with a few interesting packing ideas I thought I’d share.

Moving and packing ideas @

Yes, you went to ikea excited to fill your yellow bag with goodies for your home.  Only to get to the checkout and find you can’t keep the yellow bags – but you CAN buy a blue bag for under a dollar.  Do yourself a favor and BUY IT.  Or go nuts and pick up a few.

During the last year that Bill & I have done the long distance thing, I’ve carted more than just clothes back and forth.  In order to keep up with projects and crafty things, I carted this bag full of all things art related between DC and Pitt dozens of times.  And it holds a TON.  Sure, it gets heavy when full, but you can easily fit 3 of these across the back of a standard trunk.  And they’re great for keeping a bunch of pieces together.  (Try them for camping gear too!)

Moving and packing ideas @

So I was told AFTER I bought this bag to carry my laptop and other details to work that apparently it’s initial intent was for a diaper bag.  Which made sense given all the handy pockets inside.  Which do fit bottles pretty well.

So I decided to fill it with bottles!

Moving and packing ideas @

When packing up my little ‘bar’ here in DC I didn’t want to break a bottle and waste all the beverage in the move.  This bag turned out to be the perfect size to carry my collection safely to PA.  (Can’t wait to create a neat bar corner in the apartment!  …and then have to dust it as we rarely drink… minor detail.)

Moving and packing ideas @ Another key detail to packing a bar up is all that glassware.  I was using newspaper and other scraps to cushion things but quickly ran out.  And then genius struck – my scarves need to get to Pittsburgh too, so why not with my stemware?  And so my glasses are nestled in a kaleidoscope of color and warmth for the ride.

So how about you?  Have any other creative or helpful move suggestions?And don’t forget, if you have any leads on job openings in Pittsburgh, let us know!

~ Beth

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