Beth and Bill Get Engaged
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We’re Engaged!

Oh My Gawd You Guys! Bill popped the question on the top deck of a Gateway Clipper sightseeing cruise while coasting down the Monongahela River.  He waited just until we reached the point where the Mon & the Allegheny Rivers join to become the Ohio, at The Point, to propose. Always one to get 'to… Continue reading We’re Engaged!

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Inexpensive Art – Restore Scores Or: Last Minute Project Completion

Remember that time I showed you the cool little flower still life we scored at the ReStore? Yeahhh... that was February.  Nearly a year ago.  And where has this cute little frame been?  Sitting behind my purse on our console table, waiting to be hung on the wall. Then we had formal plans for our… Continue reading Inexpensive Art – Restore Scores Or: Last Minute Project Completion

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Ding Dong the Duck is Done

Pittsburgh had an unusual visitor over the past month.  He was big, yellow, and thought to have brought good luck to the Pirates.  He was a giant, forty feet tall and three stories wide Duck. Bill and I took a trip down after going out to dinner, because nothing says romance than a giant duck.… Continue reading Ding Dong the Duck is Done

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Pancake Mix Strawberry Muffins

Remember that time I spent the entire month of May telling you all about doing this? Yup, England.  It was an awesome trip (And the dear friend I went to visit is visiting for the holidays! WAHOOO! but I digress...) and there were three awesome food stuffs that I found I loved there.  Tikka masala… Continue reading Pancake Mix Strawberry Muffins

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Dresser Details

So we already covered how I found a sweet old dresser on Craigslist and adopted it.  I gave her a little TLC, paint, and glue to bring her back to her glory. Then I started to show you how I moved into this little corner by unveiling a hipster little fix I created to store… Continue reading Dresser Details

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Our 1 Year Blogiversary!

We made it!  One year ago (as of Aug 29th), after much deliberation, this little blog began.  And in a year we've covered a lot of ground, both literally and topically.  Let's break it down for you... 566 miles from Pittsburgh to Buxton, NC. 246 miles x ??? trips between DC and Pittsburgh. 529 miles… Continue reading Our 1 Year Blogiversary!

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Dressers, the Anti-Nomadic Furniture

So, moving.  Long distances.  The biggest decision you have to make - do I bring it all?  With every move you'd be wise to downsize somewhat, but what about the big stuff?  Like furniture?  My goal when moving from DC to Pittsburgh was to do it all in the back of my compact SUV and… Continue reading Dressers, the Anti-Nomadic Furniture

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Hey girl. July 2013 in Review

Where did July go?!?  Time flies when you're moving and job-searching!  But there was still enough time to get a few projects in. Obviously the main theme of the month was MOVING which was a much bigger endeavor than I anticipated, taking a lot of time and limiting the fun things we shared.  But there… Continue reading Hey girl. July 2013 in Review

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Ikea Inspired Coat Cubby

In preparation for my move to Pittsburgh, I was slowly creating ways to maximize storage in the apartment, so that when I got here I'd have places for my things too.  One of the areas of the apartment that has (mostly) become mine is the hall closet. I'll have pictures later as there are LOTS… Continue reading Ikea Inspired Coat Cubby

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Our Pittsburgh Strip Dates

Like I mentioned last week, I've officially moved to Pittsburgh, jumping in with both feet ready to take on this town.To get more acquainted, I thought I'd bring you along to one of our favorite weekend activities.  Our Strip Dates...No, we're not going to Cheerleaders' Gentleman's Club!  But it's not too far from there. The Strip… Continue reading Our Pittsburgh Strip Dates

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Moving & Packing Ideas

As we unveiled earlier this week, I am officially moving to Pittsburgh with Bill.  (Before we were a long distance deal.  But no more!) In all the insanity that comes with putting your life into boxes, I came up with a few interesting packing ideas I thought I'd share. Yes, you went to ikea excited… Continue reading Moving & Packing Ideas

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Guess What?!

Do you know what this box means? Yes!  You are correct!  We DO have fantastic packing tape that just so happens to have my favorite letter on it!  (Thanks, Mom!) But what else does it mean? ? ? ? Yup!  Bill & I have done a lot of talking and planning, and of course it's… Continue reading Guess What?!

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Summer Lounging

Ok, so all the blogosphere is sharing their beautiful patios and outdoor living rooms with their awesome DIY tables and other furniture (check out Michelle's table that she got her husband Nate to build, awesome!  Or this sad cast-off table that Greg and Ashley rescued from the curb-side and finished!) These projects first make me… Continue reading Summer Lounging

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A Little Bedroom Evolution

So today I was reading through one of my favorite blogs, Sew Woodsy, about their hysterical search for ticks, and the crash of their headboard.  (Seriously, stop over and give it a read.  Too funny!)  I sent them a link to our own headboard project to illustrate how we hung our headboard as ours is… Continue reading A Little Bedroom Evolution