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New Dishes!

A few weeks ago, my parents came for their first visit to Pittsburgh.  Bill got to play tour guide, and we enjoyed their company and had a nice dinner at the apartment.... over the live news feed of the Boston Bomber man hunt as it unfolded.  We also introduced my parents to the crazy world… Continue reading New Dishes!

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Quick & Easy Fan Shirt

Hello all!  We were lazy bums last week because of the great weather we've had.  But this week we've returned with new vigor, so hopefully we'll  be back to our usual 3 posts a week with more content than a rant about HomeGoods. For those of you who're not into hockey, this past weekend was… Continue reading Quick & Easy Fan Shirt

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Milky Window Gallery

Sometimes you get an idea... and you just have to try it.  Usually I have pinterest to blame. Milk glass has fascinated me since I was a kid. My parents' house backs to a creek and woods and I used to scour those woods for 'treasures' as a kid. There were all kinds of antique… Continue reading Milky Window Gallery

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Happy (day after) St Paddy’s Day!

Hope you had a fun weekend and had some time to get into the Green spirit!  Bill & I marked the weekend with Pittsburgh's St Patrick's Day Parade. It ranged from all kinds of Irish step dancers (a lifetime goal of mine) to bag pipers and politicians, and even some really bizarre things like groundhogs… Continue reading Happy (day after) St Paddy’s Day!

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Welcoming Spring

I don't know about where you live, but this past weekend Pittsburgh was a true delight with temperatures creeping on 70 degrees!  Though we had our Saturday filled with adventures at Ikea's BYOF event (more on that later this week!), Sunday was spent enjoying the warmer weather in the city, complete with a picnic dinner… Continue reading Welcoming Spring

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The Turkey Hangover Means Now You Can Play Christmas Music.

I try to resist getting into Christmas too early because otherwise, by the time the old man in the red suit drops off a few packages at our house, I'm ready to rip all the decorations down and end up being more Scrooge and less Jolly than I'd like to be. But once the bird… Continue reading The Turkey Hangover Means Now You Can Play Christmas Music.

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Geographically Challenged ~ Inexpensive Art

As first highlighted in this post about our choice of photo ledges, Bill and I decided to create some artwork that would be a nod to where we're each (PROUDLY) from, and of course where we first met.  And since this is our Anniversary Week, I thought I'd keep the love flowing and show you… Continue reading Geographically Challenged ~ Inexpensive Art

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Putting Things on the Walls – Our Journey to Photo Ledges

Update:  We've been featured on Ikea Hackers!  Stroll on over to Jules' blog to take a look!  And WELCOME fellow Hackers! As I previously shared in this post, Bill had some interesting decorating ideas.  It was very 'take from dorm, insert into apartment' like.  Don't get me wrong, I'm proud to be Irish too, but I… Continue reading Putting Things on the Walls – Our Journey to Photo Ledges

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Road Trip to Cincinnati and Castles for YHL – Part 1

It's been a whirlwind weekend as Bill and I roadtripped to Cincinnati for the first stop on YHL's book tour.  It was TONS of fun and I wish there were more hours in the day to see more of what turned out to be a very friendly city.  Let me tell you about it! My… Continue reading Road Trip to Cincinnati and Castles for YHL – Part 1

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WEEKEND SCORE – Goodwill Meets Target?

While on an adventure to a Target we don't typically frequent North of Pittsburgh, we came across a 'legit' looking Goodwill.  It was previously an Ekerd and took advantage of what was the drive through pharmacy and instead allowed you to drive up and donate.  Well we couldn't pass that up!  And boy was I… Continue reading WEEKEND SCORE – Goodwill Meets Target?

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Our RASTafari Adventure – Or, Our first DIY Project

So, Ikea.  We love them.  Basically when we need a cheap date night out in Pittsburgh, it involves dollar ice cream cones and Swedish meatballs.  Window shopping or under-$20 spending is usually the name of the game when we're there. We also use Ikea Hackers as a great inspiration and, as most in the DIY… Continue reading Our RASTafari Adventure – Or, Our first DIY Project

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The ReStore Trip that Started it All

As far as bachelor pads go, Bill's wasn't all that bad.  He's a tidy guy so the only real complaint a girl could make was that it lacked a homey feel.  It was more like a bunch of random pieces stuck where they fit.  So, when Bill moved to take advantage of an opportunity in… Continue reading The ReStore Trip that Started it All