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Vintage Mason Jar – SCORE

I mentioned it briefly in yesterday's post.  While strolling the aisles of random cast-off items at my favorite Goodwill, I found these puppies, just sitting there on the shelf. They weren't specially marked.  Just sitting in the midst of the glassware, minding their own business. You better believe I swooped in, tore them from their… Continue reading Vintage Mason Jar – SCORE

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A Little Bathroom Beautification for Book Project Bonanza Vol. 2!

We haven't talked that much about our Bathroom.  I recently showed you a peek of mine in DC when revealing my closet clean-up skills last week.   But the only glimpse you've gotten of the water closet in Pittsburgh was when I showed you our first B&B artwork. Surprisingly, the room has 3 other walls you… Continue reading A Little Bathroom Beautification for Book Project Bonanza Vol. 2!

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Our Pillows Got Cold, So I Made Them Sweaters

Yup, I've jumped on yet another DIY bandwagon - the COVER EVERYTHING IN SWEATERS! wagon.  Only, I'm drawing the line.  Soft fuzzy cozy sweater pillows?  Sure!  ....but why does my flower vase need to be cozy?  It doesn't. But I found this super comfy sweater for under $4 at Goodwill and thought it would be… Continue reading Our Pillows Got Cold, So I Made Them Sweaters

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Store Bought Candle Re-imaged

Yankee Candles.  They sure are potent aren't they?  I don't typically burn them for long because of this detail, and therefore take a while to burn through them.  I had one such candle sitting on my dresser and one night, tossed my phone up there and SMASH!  My heart stopped for a moment when I… Continue reading Store Bought Candle Re-imaged

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Weekend Score! ~ Crystal Candlesticks

I needed a quick little piece of glassware to replace a nice yankee candle I broke, so a quick trip to Goodwill was in order.  And of COURSE I left with way more than a single glass candle holder. Well I came home with two extras I hadn't planned on. These beauties may look familiar...… Continue reading Weekend Score! ~ Crystal Candlesticks

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WEEKEND SCORE – Goodwill Meets Target?

While on an adventure to a Target we don't typically frequent North of Pittsburgh, we came across a 'legit' looking Goodwill.  It was previously an Ekerd and took advantage of what was the drive through pharmacy and instead allowed you to drive up and donate.  Well we couldn't pass that up!  And boy was I… Continue reading WEEKEND SCORE – Goodwill Meets Target?