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A Little Bathroom Beautification for Book Project Bonanza Vol. 2!

We haven’t talked that much about our Bathroom.  I recently showed you a peek of mine in DC when revealing my closet clean-up skills last week.   But the only glimpse you’ve gotten of the water closet in Pittsburgh was when I showed you our first B&B artwork.

B Loves B artwork @ BandBBuildALife.comSurprisingly, the room has 3 other walls you have not yet seen.  I know, you’re shocked.

But what you should reallllly be shocked about is the fact that I am about to show you our bathroom floor.  Yup.  Cue the Psycho sound effect!

bathroom tp vase @

Check out that vintage gray basket-weave flooring?  And that white, CLEAN toilet?  Just what you want to be looking at while procrastinating on the internet.

bathroom tp vase @ bandbbuildalife.comHere’s another angle for ya.  We’re rocking a classy silver command hook for a towel holder.  That’s on the honey-do list but down towards the bottom near ‘MOVE’.  But here’s what I’d like to direct your attention to.

bathroom tp vase @

First we have Number 89 – Chic up a toilet Tank.  Using a simple white tray and some fresh scented potpourri from Ikea, we dressed up the top AND made it less noticeable when dust starts to collect.  BONUS.

We also incorporated a little storage with Number 114 – Store Stuff Stylishly.  That cylindrical vase was a handy score at a nearby Goodwill for just $6 and easily holds 4 rolls of any softness level toilet paper out there.  They’re visible so our guests know where to reach if the current roll runs out, and it helps us to recall how much we have when at the store.  Plus it frees up some storage space in the base of our teeny tiny vanity.

We hope to add a better towel hook in the future, as well as some artwork on the wall above the toilet and some small shelving that will be both decorative and add some additional storage for things like q-tips, etc.

Have you done any YHL book projects yet?

~ Beth

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