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Spice Rack Re-boot – Got Gold?

Just a few months ago, we shared with you a handy little project where we put some baskets into our kitchen cabinet doors to store our spices and recapture space.

Spice Cabinet Storage Solution @

It was a pretty good idea.  The trouble was, we went the dollar store route to try and keep the overall cost low – a method we typically will take because, well, some day we would like to have funds for a down payment on our own home.  Sadly though, the cheap way isn’t always the best way.

spice rack fail @

It may not look it from above, but the baskets are warped from the weight of the spices, and though the command strips are intact, they’re clearly not secure enough for a long term system.

But what to do?  In trying to keep things apartment-approved, we had to go back to the drawing board….. and of course I found inspiration in a sale!

gilded spice rack @

While perusing after Christmas sales, I stopped in Bath and Body Works and found these tins for 75% off!  That made them $1.16 each!  So I snatched up half a dozen figuring they must work.

gilded spice rack @

Once home I tested them to see how well they fit the larger-than-normal spice containers that Aldi sells.

gilded spice rack @

Two fit, or three of the typical sized containers.  good thing I got 6!  But, where do we put them?  Command strip them back into the cabinet?

gilded spice rack @

Though still an option, the tins were too wide to put two next to each-other, and given the larger number of them, we decided the cabinet doors were no longer a good place for them.  And with how gold and pretty they were, it would be  a shame to leave them hidden.  Fortunately we had a lonely, empty side of the fridge.

gilded spice rack @

After picking up some magnets, it was a quick task of just sticking the magnets to the tins, then lining them up on the fridge.  No glue needed as the tins were able to adhere naturally to the magnets too.

gilded spice rack @

gilded spice rack @

For now we only need 5 of the tins, but this way we still have room to grow our selection!

gilded spice rack @

So now we are one step closer to adhering to one of our resolutions, to make our tiny apartment kitchen more efficient and useful.

gilded spice rack @

So have you found new uses for any unique things lately?

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~ Beth

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