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Kitchen Wings

We’ve mentioned before how small our kitchen is and how verrry little space we have to work with.  We even showed you the whole of our counter space just last week when revealing our new gilded spice rack.

gilded spice rack @ BandBBuildALife.com

Right there.  Next to the sink.  That little itty bitty space is the entirety of our counter space.  And typically it is covered with a drainboard for dishes.

Now we do have a kitchen cart with  a leaf on it.  But 50% of it (the half that doesn’t fold down) is filled with the microwave and George Foreman as well as our utensils.

Kitchen cart @ BandBBuildALife.com

So we have that tiny half-circle leaf to do all our prep.  Yes, stress-induced arguments have occured because I had no place to mix up cookies while also prepping the pans.  (You gotta fight for the important stuff. Haha!)

Given how small the kitchen is, we couldn’t really swap out the small cart with a larger one, or we’d never fit more than one person at a time in the kitchen.

We had been eyeing this butcher-block wall-mounted surface at Ikea called Norbo.  It wasn’t too bad lookin’ and it was only $30.  My sister had one in her kitchen and it was pretty solid so I knew it would be a decent option.

And then, when we were over for Christmas, hers was gone.  They had taken it down.  Permanently.  You know what that means.

FREE TABLE.  Whatwhat!

To make it as flush next to the cart as we could, we had to take off a side towel rack first.

ikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.com

Then, after making several jokes about how I’ve already found my Studly Man, we had to find and mark the studs in the wall to be sure we could set the shelf there.

ikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.com

We were able to find 2 studs that were perfectly placed where we need them.  But as with most ikea pieces, they never fully line up with all the studs.

In all his tools, we strangely did not have a level.  Go go gadget iPhone!

ikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.com

Once we were sure it would be flush and level, it was just a matter of adding extra screws drilled in to be sure it would be a solid surface.

ikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.comikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.com

And by simply adding a folding leaf, we basically tripled our working space for prep and cooking!

ikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.com

And because we used a surface that can be dropped, we didn’t lose any of our already small amount of floor space.

ikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.com

It’s like the sunlight knew what we were doing.  Can you hear the stereotypical ‘ahhhhhh’ chorus of angels singing in this picture?

ikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.com

We actually hosted some friends for dinner just a few days after we put this up, and while getting ready, Bill and I kept looking at each other saying things like ‘How?  HOW did we get anthing done in here before?!?’

ikea knobo kitchen counter @ bandbbuildalife.com

So already we’ve managed to get two kitchen projects in that help us reach one of our goals set for us this year: Increase the use and efficiency of our kitchen!

~ Beth

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  1. I like how Bill does not dress for such paltry things as kitchen remodeling. lol Looks great you guys, when can we come over for these fabled cookies?

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