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Adding Pantry to the Closet

So we shared last week about how I spiffed up the hall closet to make it my own. Well, I forgot to share the right side of the closet, where yes, we still keep our pantry goods. Down there on the bottom we have a handy stool to make it easier to quickly get to… Continue reading Adding Pantry to the Closet

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Taking the Kitchen to Task

Earlier this week we mentioned our trip to Ikea's BYOF event.  We picked up a few things for around the apartment. Though it may be upside down in the photo above, one of the important things we picked up was the Ledberg light kit. If you recall from our 2013 Goals, one of those is… Continue reading Taking the Kitchen to Task

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Spotted Wood, Not So Good

THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. Ok, now that we've gotten THAT out of the way, on to our topic - water spots on our purdy new butcher block leaf in the kitchen. Just a few weeks ago we shared with you how my Sister was kind enough to give us her barely-used butcher block kitchen leaf… Continue reading Spotted Wood, Not So Good

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Scrap-wood Paper Towel holder

We've mentioned it before when talking about our new wall mounted cutting board, or when we added the new spice rack.  We just don't have a lot of space in our kitchen. Having space on the counter for a nice paper towel holder just isn't an option.  (Which is a shame since my Dad made… Continue reading Scrap-wood Paper Towel holder

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Fridge Flourishes

It is cliche, but sometimes it really is the little things. During one of the FIVE stops at a Target we made this past weekend (are we the only ones who find ourselves detouring to Target whenever we're in a new place?  The prices and what's on clearance are always different!) we came across some… Continue reading Fridge Flourishes

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Kitchen Wings

We've mentioned before how small our kitchen is and how verrry little space we have to work with.  We even showed you the whole of our counter space just last week when revealing our new gilded spice rack. Right there.  Next to the sink.  That little itty bitty space is the entirety of our counter… Continue reading Kitchen Wings

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Spice Rack Re-boot – Got Gold?

Just a few months ago, we shared with you a handy little project where we put some baskets into our kitchen cabinet doors to store our spices and recapture space. It was a pretty good idea.  The trouble was, we went the dollar store route to try and keep the overall cost low - a… Continue reading Spice Rack Re-boot – Got Gold?

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Inexpensive Art ~ Yummy Kitchen Frames

One of the goals we've set around here is to dress up our walls more.  So lets get started! Yup, that's the December 2012 issue of Real Simple magazine.  And those are some simple frames leftover from my college-posters-look-classy-in-cheap-frames days.  They aren't fancy frames, but their simplicity means they're easier to clean with a quick… Continue reading Inexpensive Art ~ Yummy Kitchen Frames

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That’s a Spicy Rack! ~ A Kitchen Spices Storage Solution

We have a tiny kitchen.  The stove crammed next to the sink, about a wing's worth of space to the fridge and then you're out the door into our dining nook.  It's a 1.5 butt kitchen and space is a premium.  We've previously embraced the open shelf look with a quick Ikea look, and though… Continue reading That’s a Spicy Rack! ~ A Kitchen Spices Storage Solution