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Inexpensive Art ~ Yummy Kitchen Frames

One of the goals we’ve set around here is to dress up our walls more.  So lets get started!

magazine artwork @ bandbbuildalife.comYup, that’s the December 2012 issue of Real Simple magazine.  And those are some simple frames leftover from my college-posters-look-classy-in-cheap-frames days.  They aren’t fancy frames, but their simplicity means they’re easier to clean with a quick wipe, which is important when hanging things in the kitchen.

magazine artwork @ bandbbuildalife.comThe article you’ll want to take a look at is here in the food section….

magazine artwork @…featuring these scrumptious portraits of platters and punches!

magazine artwork @ bandbbuildalife.comToo bad the pages won’t taste as good as they look!

magazine artwork @ bandbbuildalife.comAfter drooling over the article, I decided on these three to use.  Then it was just a matter of popping them into the frame!

magazine artwork @ bandbbuildalife.comAnd voila! Now the wall is dressed with the yummy platters to serve as both art and inspiration for my own cooking and planning.

magazine artwork @ bandbbuildalife.comSo eat your art out! (ba dum cheech!)

And for more inexpensive artwork ideas, check out our whole series on Inexpensive Art featuring great ideas to spice up the walls in your own home! YHL Book Project # 143
This project is also # 143 in John & Sherry Petersik’s book Young House Love. Click here to see more projects we’ve completed from their book!

~ Beth

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