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Adding Pantry to the Closet

So we shared last week about how I spiffed up the hall closet to make it my own.

organizing shoes in a glam closet at BandBBuildALife.comWell, I forgot to share the right side of the closet, where yes, we still keep our pantry goods.

DSCN2429_webDown there on the bottom we have a handy stool to make it easier to quickly get to items up on the top shelves we installed.  And that drawer unit from Target serves to hold extra ziplock bags and other non-food but still important kitchen related items.

organizing a glam closet with a pantry at

The top shelf holds snacks and cereal, and we picked up a pair of those under-shelf baskets for things like rice.  Add in a pair of ikea shelf organizers and we easily fit everything we needed.

organizing a glam closet at BandBBuildALife.comIt is a little weird to have my clothes next to my pasta and flour, but in the end nothing of my personal items in there are dirty (laundry is kept in a basket in the bedroom) and would possibly get weird with the food.  And unmentionables are kept in the dresser I fixed up, so there’s no chance of having a friend duck in for chips and accidentally seeing something they shouldn’t.

It’s a weird fix, but it works for us.

What sort of weird solutions have you come up with?

~ Beth