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Dresser Details

So we already covered how I found a sweet old dresser on Craigslist and adopted it.  I gave her a little TLC, paint, and glue to bring her back to her glory.

craigslist shopping for a dresser and restoring it at craigslist shopping for a dresser and restoring it at BandBBuildALife.comThen I started to show you how I moved into this little corner by unveiling a hipster little fix I created to store and display some jewelry

tree branch jewelry hanger at…but if you squint around the edges of the photos, you’ll see I did more than hang a branch on my wall.  (Which, lets be honest, would be weird.  To just have a random twig on your wall by itself.  Right?!?)

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at BandBBuildALife.comThis corner of the room is all mine, and I wanted to be sure I included a good sampling of things that make me happy.

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at

The big guy up there, this black poster totally filled with layers of text, is a concert poster for a show in New York of my absolute favorite, John Mayer.  They were hand-screen-printed by a local artist, and I love the crisp edges of the letters and how you can see the different layers overlapping with the paint that’s transparent.

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at

To the left of the framed poster, I have a few 4×6 photos framed.  They’re both from what was the last JM concert I’d been to, in Hershey PA with my Mom (that’s her with me.  Duh.)

Since then though, Bill & I actually scored a sweet Groupon deal for lawn seats a few weeks ago to see John Mayer play not far from Pittsburgh annd his current tour is FANTASTIC.  The music is, as always, great, but the SETS and special effects are really impressive!

John Mayer Concert in Pittsburgh at John Mayer Concert in Pittsburgh at

But enough about my musical tastes, let’s get back to the Dresser!

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at

That frame filled with lace at the top left?  If you squint you’ll see there are earrings hanging in the frame too.  I had seen similar frames at a craft fair displaying an artist’s jewelry and thought they were so pretty, but still so organized too!  I mentioned the frame to my dad and he whipped one up for me as a gift.  The compulsion to DIY is indeed genetic.

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at

Now, the wall looks pretty, but it’s not just all about that.  On the dresser’s top, I found another mirror tray at Goodwill for $2 that was just perfect for wrangling some extra earrings and odds and ends that get emptied from pockets.  Plus I have a handy multi-level container I use to stow things like extra buttons from new shirts I get, and a few other odds and ends.

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at

Keeping in the theme of ‘things that make me happy’ I have a few more frames.  In the back, a photo of Bill & I from our first NYE together just a few short weeks after we started dating.  Neither of us admitted it that night, but I’m pretty sure we both realized that day that we were in love, making this self portrait of the two of us extra special.  Infront, I have a group shot of my college Loves and I the day we graduated.  I nice semi-candid shot with all the people that made me so happy in college.  Plus the third is Pat Monahan of Train, from the same concert from before.  Train opened for John Mayer and I was sold as a fan from that day on.

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at BandBBuildALife.comDSCN2317_webAs for what’s ‘under the hood’, besides filling the drawers with my clothes (no, I’ll not bore you with how I fold my clothes into neat piles.  Nobody cares THAT much…) I also picked up a few organizers for an accessory drawer.  The two larger bins on the left side are from the Target Dollar Spot (woohoo cheap!) while the longer 3-sectioned one on the right was a few dollars more from the closet organizing section of the store.  It’s perfect for keeping my bracelets and jewelry boxes organized.

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at

Now that I’m actually moved in and ready to go, we can FINALLY focus our attention on other, more important things, like a tv upgrade.  🙂

~ Beth


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