Life Hack – Fixing a Dash Mount

This isn’t so much a DIY as it was a simple life hack I did recently.  When doing long highway drives, I often use a radar detector for a little extra help.  Trouble is, the bracket that mounts it to my windshield doesn’t work very well. As you can see, the suction cups don’t stay… Continue reading Life Hack – Fixing a Dash Mount

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Ikea Inspired Coat Cubby – The Reveal!

So, I teased about this project back in June.  At this point, we’re running out of July.  Let’s get this thing done and show you guys how awesome it came out! Yesterday I shared with you the process Bill & I took to assemble our Ikea inspired Coat Cubby.  Lots of pauses in between woodworking,… Continue reading Ikea Inspired Coat Cubby – The Reveal!

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A Little Bedroom Evolution

So today I was reading through one of my favorite blogs, Sew Woodsy, about their hysterical search for ticks, and the crash of their headboard.  (Seriously, stop over and give it a read.  Too funny!)  I sent them a link to our own headboard project to illustrate how we hung our headboard as ours is… Continue reading A Little Bedroom Evolution

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Hey girl. March 2013 in Review

March has largely been marked by climate griping and Ikea adventures.  We’re seriously going to turn into Swedish Meatballs if we’re not careful.  Here’s a couple of funny Hey Girls that were from our Ikea adventures in March. If you missed last month’s recap, here’s the Hey Girl from February: And now, without further ado,… Continue reading Hey girl. March 2013 in Review

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Styled Containment of Dresser Clutter

For the longest time I have been on the hunt for one thing.  A tray. I know, I know, I have a ZILLION trays, what do I need another one for? I get it, I get it, there are a LOT of trays featured here.  But there’s a special one I’ve been on the hunt… Continue reading Styled Containment of Dresser Clutter