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YOU GUYS! IT'S PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON AGAIN! Sadly though, most all of the PS treats out there are also crazy full of sugar.  No bueno. Here at Casa-de-B&B, we've been trying the Low-Carb lifestyle - specifically the Ketogenic diet.  While this blog will not become a diet blog, we've both had some sweet sweet success. … Continue reading Low Carb PUMPKIN SPICE Pecans

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Cooking & Baking

HOT COCOA Banana Muffins

So I was walking around Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh and fighting my usual produce section ADD when I came across a display of sad, bruised bananas.  That were drastically reduced because, well, who wants ugly bananas?  Well, apparently I did.  I gave a home to a bag of them and discovered that there was a… Continue reading HOT COCOA Banana Muffins

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New Dishes!

A few weeks ago, my parents came for their first visit to Pittsburgh.  Bill got to play tour guide, and we enjoyed their company and had a nice dinner at the apartment.... over the live news feed of the Boston Bomber man hunt as it unfolded.  We also introduced my parents to the crazy world… Continue reading New Dishes!