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YOU GUYS! IT'S PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON AGAIN! Sadly though, most all of the PS treats out there are also crazy full of sugar.  No bueno. Here at Casa-de-B&B, we've been trying the Low-Carb lifestyle - specifically the Ketogenic diet.  While this blog will not become a diet blog, we've both had some sweet sweet success. … Continue reading Low Carb PUMPKIN SPICE Pecans

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A Little Fake Baking

No, i don't mean sitting in a tanning bed. (Tried it once, but i love my skin too much to do it again!) I mean some treat making! Sure baking cookies is great, but what about filling your home with the smell of melted chocolate??!!? I have heard these called a zillion things but pretzel-button-… Continue reading A Little Fake Baking

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Pancake Mix Strawberry Muffins

Remember that time I spent the entire month of May telling you all about doing this? Yup, England.  It was an awesome trip (And the dear friend I went to visit is visiting for the holidays! WAHOOO! but I digress...) and there were three awesome food stuffs that I found I loved there.  Tikka masala… Continue reading Pancake Mix Strawberry Muffins

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HOT COCOA Banana Muffins

So I was walking around Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh and fighting my usual produce section ADD when I came across a display of sad, bruised bananas.  That were drastically reduced because, well, who wants ugly bananas?  Well, apparently I did.  I gave a home to a bag of them and discovered that there was a… Continue reading HOT COCOA Banana Muffins

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Microwavable Brownies ~ Post-election Comfort Food

No matter who you voted for, I think we can all agree upon the collective relief this country feels now that every waking moment will no longer be filled with political ads.  'Romney hates babies!' 'Obama wants the terrorists to win!'  .... Really?  SOOOO Glad they're over! In honor of this end, I decided to… Continue reading Microwavable Brownies ~ Post-election Comfort Food

*not pictured: Eggs.
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Things Baked in Mini-Muffin Pans Make Me Happy ~ A Ham and Cheese Quinoa Review

My gleeful love of baking anything in a mini-muffin pan was born out of a pin I found from Iowa Girl Eats for Mini Cinnamon Rolls.  I made a batch for Christmas morning breakfast last year and they were a HUGE hit. But cinnamon rolls aren't exactly easy on a girl's figure.  Apparently this crazy… Continue reading Things Baked in Mini-Muffin Pans Make Me Happy ~ A Ham and Cheese Quinoa Review