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New Dishes!

A few weeks ago, my parents came for their first visit to Pittsburgh.  Bill got to play tour guide, and we enjoyed their company and had a nice dinner at the apartment…. over the live news feed of the Boston Bomber man hunt as it unfolded.  We also introduced my parents to the crazy world of Reddit and how crazy the news you can get from there can be.

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That’s a ustream of a police scanner on the computer, and the news on the tv.  Oh, and our ampersand decor as well as my DIY candle stand too.

But one of the perks of having your parents visit from far away is that they always bring you things.  Liiiike – the blue and white dishes I’ve had stowed in a box waiting to be used!

blue and white china dishes @

They’re a service for about 4 – they’ve old and a piece or two is missing, but then there are a few pieces that are mixed in that are close ‘nough to work but don’t technically match.  They’re the set my parents used wayyy back when they were in their first apartment together.  When I mentioned years ago how much I love blue and white china, my Mom made a point of (having my Dad) pack the dishes away safe and sound for me someday.

blue and white china dishes @ BandBBuildALife.comSo now these bad boys are up on our open shelf in the kitchen.  Keep your eyes peeled for their use in some upcoming food related posts too.  They’re just too pretty not to use! (sorry for the crummy iphone photos!)

So what sorta things have your family members stashed away for you?

~ Beth

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