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So it should come as no surprise that I really dig Ampersands.  I mean, I have an entire pinterest board for them.  There’s one in our blog header above (though you can’t use an & in a URL.  Bummer.) and I seem to be drawn to them every time I end up in HomeGoods.

So Naturally I have a few around.  You’ve seen a few around here.  Like our very first ReStore score:

B & B mailbox letters we found for $0.30 each!

Or again on our antique table when we shared with you our intercom art:

Intercom Art @

And let’s not forget the golden ampersand score I made at the ReStore (we get a lot of good stuff there!) around the holidays!

Habitat ReStore Adventure @

And our first glimps of my favorite two ampersands was from early April when we discussed spring-ifying the apartment with stripes and flowers.

The big metal one was a Target find last year, while the white one is a HomeGoods snag on clearance.  But they were looking kinda drab.  And with our new Candle Pillar now occupying this side of the TV console, they needed to move…

Ampersand Decor @

…to the other side of the table! Hah.  I haven’t shown this side of the room too much – at least not in full.  The console will eventually be replaced with the Ikea Hemnnes TV stand but we’ve got a few projects before we can get there.

Ampersand Decor @ Ampersand Decor @

To add some more spring-summer touches, I popped a few faux succulents under the cloche jar we made from an old light fixture.  The succulents were on clearance for .99 cents at Michael’s.  I picked them up the same day I bought the cherry blossom sprays.

faux succulents @

As for what was here, typically we keep a trio of candle sticks here but I moved them across the room to join the model ship Bill’s been working on and the greeting card art I made from a card I bought in Richmond.

Ampersand Decor @

So with a little shuffling around the room, we have some simple updates to keep my decor ADD at bay, and satisfy my love of Ampersands.

Ampersand Decor @

~ Beth

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