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So it should come as no surprise that I really dig Ampersands.  I mean, I have an entire pinterest board for them.  There's one in our blog header above (though you can't use an & in a URL.  Bummer.) and I seem to be drawn to them every time I end up in HomeGoods. So… Continue reading AND some Decor


HomeGoods is for Lazy People

So I ducked into HomeGoods today for a 15 minute power stroll through their clearance sections and I couldn't help but roll my eyes at half of their selection. Don't get me wrong, their party and glassware is awesome, but a lot of their other decor items are sooo simple to make. Take this offender:… Continue reading HomeGoods is for Lazy People

adding pop color green to our bedroom @ BandBBuildALife,com
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It All Started with a Lamp ~ Or, the Bedroom Revamp!

Earlier this month we shared some simple updates we did with our little RASTafari hack including some simple organizing as well as a re-styling.  If you read carefully, there was a teaser about coming updates to our Pittsburgh bedroom.  Well it's FINALLY time to share them with you! Fortunately, Kermit approves of the changes. You… Continue reading It All Started with a Lamp ~ Or, the Bedroom Revamp!