HomeGoods is for Lazy People

So I ducked into HomeGoods today for a 15 minute power stroll through their clearance sections and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at half of their selection.

Don’t get me wrong, their party and glassware is awesome, but a lot of their other decor items are sooo simple to make.

Take this offender:

Super cute book ends, right? But each was $15 so $30 for the pair. For something you only need 3 basic things for.

1 – shells (duh). 2 – glue gun. 3 – Wood.

Cut wood to size, glue together and glue on shells. Wanna get fancy? Stain the wood and add felt bumpers on the bottom.

It is an easy project that would only take an afternoon at best to complete. I’d make them to prove it but have zero need for another set of book-ends.

Do you find yourself dissecting objects in your head and figuring how to make them? …and how often do you actually make them?

~ Beth

7 thoughts on “HomeGoods is for Lazy People”

  1. I Do look at things like that – home goods and clothes. “Why, I could MAKE this skirt for 1/4 of the price, and it would be better quality.” and of course, I DO NOT do it.

  2. I make them…around never. I often find myself doing that to jewelry and knitted stuff. “Oh I could make it, so I shouldn’t get it”. And then I never have it. I guess I never really wanted it that bad in the first place?

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