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Weekend Score! ~ Crystal Candlesticks

I needed a quick little piece of glassware to replace a nice yankee candle I broke, so a quick trip to Goodwill was in order.  And of COURSE I left with way more than a single glass candle holder.

Well I came home with two extras I hadn’t planned on.

Pottery Barn Thrifty Score @

These beauties may look familiar… as they’re (at the time of this posting) still available direct from Pottery Barn.


Given that Pottery Barn currently lists them at full price for $19.50 each, and I paid a whopping $2.96 each, that’s basically getting them for about %85 off.  Not Bad!

Pottery Barn Thrifting Score @

The timing could not be better either.  Pottery Barn Thrifting Score @

I can just see them with a vanilla/white pillar in them and cranberries or holly berries in the edge of the top, with greenery cascading around them on a mantle.  The perfectly timed score for the coming holiday decorating season!

Did you find anything good over the weekend?

~ Beth


3 thoughts on “Weekend Score! ~ Crystal Candlesticks

  1. These crystal candle holders are awesome for wide bottomed candles. It’s looking like the pillars of a miniature tomb. I like it very much.

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