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Visual Closet Sollution

So, we’re slim on posts for 2014.  And we’re nearly out of days in 2014.  OOPS.

Point being, it’s likely not too hard to scan back to our post about 2014 Resolutions.

You’ll note #3 on the list of goals for our home for this year…

Create a balance between workspace and dressing space.  I’m the ‘pull out a few things to plan an outfit’ type, which requires some pile-space for my process.  That space tends to be the desk, which creates some friction between Bill and I.  But I don’t really have anywhere IN the closet to do that, so I’ll need to create some sort of surface solution in there.

organizing a glam closet at BandBBuildALife.comThis photo is the result of my first attempt at closet organization.  And I liked the alternate crate/basket thing going on, though a part of the reason was simply trying to get them to fit properly on the otherwise shallow shelves.  And though they did physically fit this way better, they weren’t as functional as I’d have liked.  The bottom 2 were a mismatch of scarves and the top two — well, whatever got shoved in them at the time.  Super organized, right?

So I swapped them around a bit.

Rotate Baskets to create visual organization in a closetFirst rule of staging is to group like things, right?  Ok.  So this already is an improvement simply by putting the baskets together.  But – wild as it may be – I also tipped them on their sides.  This essentially created a second shelf, AND opened the space for me to organize things visually.

You see, if I can’t see it, I forget it, or don’t rotate it into my wardrobe like I should, and then I just don’t wear it.  Or even worse, I buy it again.  Such a waste!

Rotate Baskets to create visual organization in a closetWith this arrangement, I was able to roll my scarves — a means of storage that helps smooth wrinkles from wearing them, AND helps avoid causing wrinkles from folding them.  PLUS I can actually see them all, and rotate the ones I’ve most recently worn by tossing them atop the scarf basket.

The right-side basket is where I stow my pants.  Jeans ontop, and colored jeans and leggings in the basket.  Easy peasy.

Then with the crates below, I had to have them on the shelf poking out a bit further than I’d like – but this created an excellent opportunity.

In the crates, I have my favorite hoodies and pullovers, and the handbag I most frequently rotate back to.  BUT as neither of these things are a constant grab, I also often use this area to lay out my work outfit for the next day.

Know what that means?  Fewer piles of clothes left on our desk.  And fewer grumpy Bill moments.  …still working on adjusting the habit now though!

SO I think that means at least one of those resolutions can be crossed off the list!  …maybe not the frequent posts bit, but there’s always 2015!

Any last minute resolutions you’re trying to get to?

~ Beth