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Climate Confusion FTW

I swear we’re still here. But incase you aren’t from the USA, or are one of the unfortunate few who live above this high pressure front (sorry, Michigan and all of Canada), I’d like to inform you that the weather has been B-E-A-U-tiful here both over the past weekend and up through this week. Check it – Pittsburgh’s forecast:


And that was after 5pm! Ok there’s some rain in there – its a bummer but that’s how western PA rolls. Those temps are where its at though! DC’s has been summer-like to the point where the cherry blossoms might as well explode off the trees in pink fluttery fireworks.

So needless to say, we haven’t done much of anything besides GET OUTSIDE.

We did have ourselves some cherry-ish blossom fun that i’ll post soon – but every time I think about editing photos when the sun is shining I just end up walking another mile down the trail instead.


So sit tight and I’ll have some adventuring for you shortly. But in the meantime, go outside and enjoy this confusing but enjoyable weather we’re having.


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  1. Hey Beth and Bill… saw your link on Decor and the Dog today. I’ve said hi before. I’m also a ravenous Flyers fan. Doens’t lool like it’s going to happen this season. That’s okay though, because the Pens will probably get blown out in the first round anyway.

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