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Boxing Match

You might recall on a previous ReStore trip I found this red lovely box.

Habitat ReStore Adventure @ BandBBuildALife.com

It’s a lacquered pretty from Pottery Barn.  Only for me it cost a mere $3.  It’s a bit scratched up and to be honest….. I’m not a red girl.  Coral?  Ruby? Maybe.  Fire-engine-red? No.

So of course, I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

from Teal and Lime Via Pinterest

This little box is actually an accessory that Jackie used to stage her storage of her favorite magazines, but it’s just so darn cute!  A chevron pattern (For which I am a total sucker for!) but not an all-over one which keeps it cleaner looking somehow.  This pattern could be easily recreated with some spray paint and frog tape.

From Tip Junkie via Pinterest

This gold beauty is another easily re-created box with tape and paint.  Though it also reminds me of a steamer trunk just a tiny bit…. so maybe not?

From Freckles Chick via Pinterest

Here, Frechles Chick painted up her boxes in a fun pop of color (And you know green is already Kermit-approved in our place!) and finished the boxes off with a ring of ribbon around the top and bottom.  A clean look with a little dimension.

From My Yellow Umbrella via Pinterest

The peeps over at Yellow Umbrella turned this trunk into a snazzy piece (A la Emily Henderson) with a cool geometric pattern.  A pretty cool look, though it may not transfer to a smaller vessel so well.

From Centsational Girl via Pinterest

This one has made it’s way all ’round the internet.  The popular columnist and blogger, Kate, of Censational Girl actually whipped up these super-convincing knock offs.  I can’t help but be completely drawn to the pretty tealish blue.  And the contrast of the edges? SWOON.  This is def. a top contender for inspiration!

So what do you think?  Any ideas on what I should whip this red box into?

~ Beth


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  1. these are great inspiration! chevron is such a classic, but the contrasting ones by Kate might be my favorite! can’t wait to see what you decide on!

      1. Hahaha, I hear ya! I’ve been in a little crafting/diy funk lately, too! Hopefully the weather will turn around and inspire us all to get at it again!

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