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Milky Window Gallery

Sometimes you get an idea… and you just have to try it.  Usually I have pinterest to blame.

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Milk glass has fascinated me since I was a kid. My parents’ house backs to a creek and woods and I used to scour those woods for ‘treasures’ as a kid. There were all kinds of antique bottles, old mason jars, and the milk glass caps that matched them once-upon-a-time.

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These old milk glass caps were my first introduction to milk glass and soon they were followed by more finds.

Now my hauls are most frequently gathered at our local ReStore in Pittsburgh.  I’ve amassed a hefty collection but they usually sit in a box.  But why not try and display them?

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Now, I tried to layer different types of pieces – especially ones you haven’t already seen in our Christmas or springtime mantles.

I have several duplicates of these, but my favorites usually are the ones with the dots on them.

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I expected having a window full of milk glass would look clean and glamorous.   And though it does look brighter and cleaner in person than these photos read (the lighting was tricky), it was still…. lacking.

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Bill came in after I had arranged them.  His first thought?  Yes, it did look like a gallery alright – a shooting gallery!

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So, they hung around for a few days.  Then they returned to their box for now.  Until somebody gets me fresh flowers for one of the vases that is. 😉

Do you find yourself collecting anything whenever you go to thrift shops or yard sales?

~ Beth


5 thoughts on “Milky Window Gallery”

  1. Beautiful. I love milk glass and rose and black depression glass. We’re planning on moving soon and I absolutely plan on making a depression glass plate wall like the one you have pictured. So pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love milk glass too. I have many of the one flower vase kind…I got from Goodwill. I go crazy for all things crystal, I use crystal mostly for my tablescape.

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