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Pottery Barn Box Revamp

Remember that time I found a Pottery Barn lacquered box at the Restore?

Habitat ReStore Adventure @ BandBBuildALife.comThat was February of this year.  A steal of a find but I wasn’t fond of the red and it was a little scuffed up.

I had big plans.  There was frog tape and spray paint dancing in my head.  I even scoped out pinterest to come up with ideas.

Then, my best friend gave me these bad boys.  Teal chevron printed contact paper.  That teal-blue I love.  PERFECT.  So here’s what I did.

Pottery Barn Box revamped @

To get the contact paper to adhere cleanly, I had to be sure the box was free of dirt and any other decals.

Pottery Barn Box revamped @

To remove the price stickers, I used the edge of an old gift card and then some Goo Gone to be sure all the residue was gone.  A quick wipe down with a surface cleaner and I was ready to start wrapping.

Pottery Barn Box revamped @ BandBBuildALife.comPottery Barn Box revamped @ BandBBuildALife.comTo start, I carefully lined up the chevron pattern to the top of the box and wrapped it around neatly.

Pottery Barn Box revamped @ BandBBuildALife.comPottery Barn Box revamped @

To be sure the pattern seamlessly wrapped around the box, I covered each side of the bottom of the box individually.

Pottery Barn Box revamped @

It came out pretty good-looking, if I do say so myself!

Pottery Barn Box revamped @ Pottery Barn Box revamped @

I decided to use it as a chic way to store my playing card collection.

Pottery Barn Box revamped @

It also reminded me to add the packs of cards I bought in Paris and London to the collection too!

Pottery Barn Box revamped @

And what’s that around the box?  ….could that be… and EXPEDIT bookcase?  It might be.  It might be one of the many things we’ve been busy assembling and setting up here in the apartment now that both of our things are being arrange here.

Pottery Barn Box revamped @

We’ll be back next week with the full rundown on the bookcase, but for the remainder of this week you’ll be getting some sneak peek projects.

Stay tuned!

~ Beth

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