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Pottery Barn Box Revamp

Remember that time I found a Pottery Barn lacquered box at the Restore?That was February of this year.  A steal of a find but I wasn't fond of the red and it was a little scuffed up.I had big plans.  There was frog tape and spray paint dancing in my head.  I even scoped out… Continue reading Pottery Barn Box Revamp

Moving to Pittsburgh! @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Guess What?!

Do you know what this box means? Yes!  You are correct!  We DO have fantastic packing tape that just so happens to have my favorite letter on it!  (Thanks, Mom!) But what else does it mean? ? ? ? Yup!  Bill & I have done a lot of talking and planning, and of course it's… Continue reading Guess What?!

contents of the baby shower in a box @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Babyshower in a Box

If you've followed along to my recent adventures to London and Paris, you may remember how the primary purpose of the visit was to see my friend Brynn & her husband as they are expecting their first baby in July.  Of course, throwing a baby-shower from a continent away is a bit tricky, so my… Continue reading Babyshower in a Box

Habitat ReStore Adventure @ BandBBuildALife.com

Boxing Match

You might recall on a previous ReStore trip I found this red lovely box. It's a lacquered pretty from Pottery Barn.  Only for me it cost a mere $3.  It's a bit scratched up and to be honest..... I'm not a red girl.  Coral?  Ruby? Maybe.  Fire-engine-red? No. So of course, I turned to Pinterest… Continue reading Boxing Match