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Hey girl. July 2013 in Review

Where did July go?!?  Time flies when you're moving and job-searching!  But there was still enough time to get a few projects in. Obviously the main theme of the month was MOVING which was a much bigger endeavor than I anticipated, taking a lot of time and limiting the fun things we shared.  But there… Continue reading Hey girl. July 2013 in Review

Moving and packing ideas @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Moving & Packing Ideas

As we unveiled earlier this week, I am officially moving to Pittsburgh with Bill.  (Before we were a long distance deal.  But no more!) In all the insanity that comes with putting your life into boxes, I came up with a few interesting packing ideas I thought I'd share. Yes, you went to ikea excited… Continue reading Moving & Packing Ideas

Moving to Pittsburgh! @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Guess What?!

Do you know what this box means? Yes!  You are correct!  We DO have fantastic packing tape that just so happens to have my favorite letter on it!  (Thanks, Mom!) But what else does it mean? ? ? ? Yup!  Bill & I have done a lot of talking and planning, and of course it's… Continue reading Guess What?!