Beth and Bill's Casual milk glass wedding flowers
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Beth & Bill’s DIY Wedding

In our OBX Wedding Planning recap we noted we chose The Inn on Pamlico Sound for our wedding reception venue.  We chose The Inn because we wanted a beach wedding that still had traditional reception elements.  We especially wanted a true first dance and a seated dinner.  The Inn boasts a large covered pavilion, perfect for a dance floor.  As for… Continue reading Beth & Bill’s DIY Wedding

OBX Car Magnet Save The Date Outer Banks Wedding
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DIY OBX Wedding Save the Dates

So, we picked OBX for our wedding destination - now we had to tell everyone about it! While we have several wonderful friends' save-the-dates on our fridge with their smiling faces, we knew we didn't want our faces on someone's fridge.  But we did like the magnet trend as a handy reminder about our wedding.… Continue reading DIY OBX Wedding Save the Dates

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Creating an Organized, Cute Closet

So I left you the other day with my closet half-done with a fun chevron carpet on the floor and not much else. Not bad, but a fun floor covering does not a closet make. So I needed handy means of storing both random assortments of things as well as clothes and shoes. Of course… Continue reading Creating an Organized, Cute Closet

craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at
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Dresser Details

So we already covered how I found a sweet old dresser on Craigslist and adopted it.  I gave her a little TLC, paint, and glue to bring her back to her glory. Then I started to show you how I moved into this little corner by unveiling a hipster little fix I created to store… Continue reading Dresser Details

craigslist shopping for a dresser and restoring it at
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Dressers, the Anti-Nomadic Furniture

So, moving.  Long distances.  The biggest decision you have to make - do I bring it all?  With every move you'd be wise to downsize somewhat, but what about the big stuff?  Like furniture?  My goal when moving from DC to Pittsburgh was to do it all in the back of my compact SUV and… Continue reading Dressers, the Anti-Nomadic Furniture

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Chevron Addicts Anonymous

While working on a few things around here, it's come to my attention that I may have a problem.  Mainly with chevron.  Specifically, teal and white chevron.  Let's take a look: Way back at the start of all this, I made a Z Gallerie inspired frame that was, you guessed it, teal and white chevron.… Continue reading Chevron Addicts Anonymous

Pottery Barn Box revamped @
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Pottery Barn Box Revamp

Remember that time I found a Pottery Barn lacquered box at the Restore?That was February of this year.  A steal of a find but I wasn't fond of the red and it was a little scuffed up.I had big plans.  There was frog tape and spray paint dancing in my head.  I even scoped out… Continue reading Pottery Barn Box Revamp

summer geometric pillows chevron greek key @
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Summer Lounging

Ok, so all the blogosphere is sharing their beautiful patios and outdoor living rooms with their awesome DIY tables and other furniture (check out Michelle's table that she got her husband Nate to build, awesome!  Or this sad cast-off table that Greg and Ashley rescued from the curb-side and finished!) These projects first make me… Continue reading Summer Lounging

Habitat ReStore Adventure @

Boxing Match

You might recall on a previous ReStore trip I found this red lovely box. It's a lacquered pretty from Pottery Barn.  Only for me it cost a mere $3.  It's a bit scratched up and to be honest..... I'm not a red girl.  Coral?  Ruby? Maybe.  Fire-engine-red? No. So of course, I turned to Pinterest… Continue reading Boxing Match

Intercom Cork Board Concealment @
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Dressing Up the Intercom

Ever home has them.  Wall zits.  Or, like normal people call them, outlets, vents, radiators, light switches.  These necessary things in our homes that are not always well placed, or pretty.  The apartment is also a victim of these wall crimes.  See for yourself. In trying to create a little drop zone using the antique… Continue reading Dressing Up the Intercom

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Enveloping the Couch in Color

We're back this Friday to show off the simple envelop pillow covers I made to add an extra touch to the living room and brighten up our big, squishy, oh-so-comfy charcoal couch.  (and matching arm chair and ottoman, scored for $200 on craigslist!) I used this easy tutorial from Six Sisters' Stuff.  They're pretty exact,… Continue reading Enveloping the Couch in Color

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Baby Got Back — Tab Curtains

Bill and I spent the weekend in Philly for a wedding before trying to outrun hurricane Sandy for the last 72 hours.  (First we left South Jersey/Philly for Pittsburgh, then I drove through the hurricane snow in western PA down to DC last night...)   Everyone we know is thankfully safe and sound with remarkably… Continue reading Baby Got Back — Tab Curtains

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Z Gallerie Inspired Picture Frame

Ok, I'll admit it, I may be a bit obsessed with Chevron print.  And I've been dying to bring it off my Pinterest boards and into my life.  But it's so bold and wonderful I decided to start small by dressing up my drab gray cubicle at work with a picture frame. I originally fell… Continue reading Z Gallerie Inspired Picture Frame