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Ironing Board Cover turned Pillow

Once upon a time there was an ironing board cover that dreamed of being something more… something not so flat. Then one day it was taken off the shelf at its long, lonely home of Tuesday Morning and was taken to a new home (at a mere $4 clearance price!).  There at it’s new home,… Continue reading Ironing Board Cover turned Pillow

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Summer Lounging

Ok, so all the blogosphere is sharing their beautiful patios and outdoor living rooms with their awesome DIY tables and other furniture (check out Michelle’s table that she got her husband Nate to build, awesome!  Or this sad cast-off table that Greg and Ashley rescued from the curb-side and finished!) These projects first make me… Continue reading Summer Lounging

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Decor Shopping in Poole

After our adventure to Christchurch, we decided to keep local and walk about Poole, our adopted city for the trip.  By this point, my friend Erin was with us, and really she’s one of the best shopping buddies around, so what better time to find the downtown shops? And of all the shops we went… Continue reading Decor Shopping in Poole

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Springing for Stripes!

So you may remember for winter I warmed a few of our pillows up by wrapping them in a sweater. As cozy and comfy as they may be…. sweaters make me think of the cold.  And I’m done with the cold.  Dee Oh En Eee DONE I tell ya. So when I came across these… Continue reading Springing for Stripes!

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Our Pillows Got Cold, So I Made Them Sweaters

Yup, I’ve jumped on yet another DIY bandwagon – the COVER EVERYTHING IN SWEATERS! wagon.  Only, I’m drawing the line.  Soft fuzzy cozy sweater pillows?  Sure!  ….but why does my flower vase need to be cozy?  It doesn’t. But I found this super comfy sweater for under $4 at Goodwill and thought it would be… Continue reading Our Pillows Got Cold, So I Made Them Sweaters

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How I Met Your Mother’s Pillow ~ A Flange Pillow Tutorial

I enjoy sewing.  I really do.  Don’t let my threatening words and angry glares at my sewing machine fool you. What I dislike are roll hems.  And frankly, hemming in general.  I get it, fraying is bad and it creates nicer edges, but when you’re putting something together, it can sometimes feel like a step… Continue reading How I Met Your Mother’s Pillow ~ A Flange Pillow Tutorial

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The story of How I Met Your Mother’s Duvet – A DIY Duvet Cover Part 2

Kids, where we last left off, Beth was struggling to finish piecing together a duvet cover when she hit a bit of a snag. It turns out, the measurements listed on Target’s sheets refers to the raw materials size – NOT the finished product.  So, after I had managed to finish all but the last… Continue reading The story of How I Met Your Mother’s Duvet – A DIY Duvet Cover Part 2