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Sea Glass Decor – Update!

Remember how I told you about the magical beach I found in Poole, England that was covered in sea glass? Well I brought it all home (like I described here) and briefly stowed it in a seeded glass vase. Well, it lasted in the vase for only a week or two before I had to… Continue reading Sea Glass Decor – Update!

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Decor Shopping in Poole

After our adventure to Christchurch, we decided to keep local and walk about Poole, our adopted city for the trip.  By this point, my friend Erin was with us, and really she's one of the best shopping buddies around, so what better time to find the downtown shops? And of all the shops we went… Continue reading Decor Shopping in Poole

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Toes in the Sand on the Other Side of the Atlantic

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, after spending the day at Stonehenge and Salisbury Cathedral, we came back to Brynn & Gary's and had a sunset adventure. Ya know what's weird for an East-coaster to see?  The sun setting over the ocean.  Weirder still is when you're not in California or the Outer Banks to… Continue reading Toes in the Sand on the Other Side of the Atlantic