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Sea Glass Decor – Update!

Remember how I told you about the magical beach I found in Poole, England that was covered in sea glass?

sunset in Poole, England @ BandBBuildALife.comWell I brought it all home (like I described here) and briefly stowed it in a seeded glass vase.

sea glass seaglass @ BandBBuildALife.comWell, it lasted in the vase for only a week or two before I had to pack up for Pittsburgh.  And then sat there in the bag.  Until genius struck.  Or actually, until we got the Coat Cubby on the wall.

ikea inspired coat rack @ BandBBuildALife.comI mentioned how much I was in love with this thing.  And it’s great…. but was looking a little bald up there on the wall.  And I had this trio of tall apothecary jars.  Hmmmm….

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They turned out to be the perfect items to decorate this unique space above the Coat Cubby.

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Of course, with three jars, I had to find something for the other two.  I still had a stash of wine corks from my wine cork trivet project and they fit perfectly in the left jar.

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For the jar on the right though, I needed something in another color.  Something that would contrast a bit.  I had a few starfish left after un-decorating the tree from the seaside theme, and they fit pretty well.

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sea glass seaglass @ sea glass seaglass @

So there you have it, a permanent home for my sea glass collection that really shows it off.

Have you done any re-decorating lately?

~ Beth

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